Canberra 5-6 Camp

Next year I, Hana, will be in Grade 5. This will mean I could go to Camberra. From where I live it will take approximately 12 hours! This will be my first opportunity to go to Camberra.


Travel Tips

Pass time

When you’re on the bus for 12 hours it can get pretty boring… so here is a couple of tips for you.

  1. Have a tablet/ipad or PC with you it may get flat but better than nothing
  2. Get a bluetooth headphone, get a few hours of songs
  3. Make a diary. I am making my diary on my website go check it out below
  4. Bring a book: stops you looking at the screen constantly
  5. Talk. Who’s sitting next to you talk to them it will stop all the silence
  6. At the last hours of the trip Sleep! ZZZZZ…..


What to take

Hey, you can’t come with just yourself there are vital things to take for this trip, depending on the season it may vary, take a look

  1. Wind-cheater, jumper, long sleeve T-shirt it will  be winter when I go
  2. Singlet, thermal, undies you know that kind of stuff
  3. Plastic bags for any dirty items
  4. The list up above is handy
  5. A handbag or pouch for the money to use for shopping. Take a look at my handbag below in the Diary