"Pilgrimage to Hong Kong
to honour Sir Catchick Paul Chater"

Organised by The Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth, Kolkata
27 - 31 May 2005

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Before & After...



20 May: Half-day stopover in Central Hong Kong

Clockwise from top left: IFC2 in the clouds; building works in Chater Rd; high-rise in the newly reclaimed Exchange Square; old man practising early morning Tai Chi on the new waterfront; old Legco building where Sir Paul sat for 40 years; callistemons in Chater Garden; entrance to Chater Garden.


Over 90 people from around the world took part in the Pilgrimage, including:

  • Mrs Sonia John, Chairperson of the Armenian Holy Church of Nazareth, Kolkata, and principal organiser of the Pilgrimage
  • Staff and students of the Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata
  • Dignitaries of the Armenian Church
  • Genealogist & family convenor, Liz Chater
  • 20 members of Sir Paul Chater's extended family, mostly descended from his sister Anna and brother Marcar
  • Principals, present & past students from La Martiniere School in Calcutta, Sir Paul's alma mater
  • Academics from around the world specialising in Armenian studies
  • Nane Dance Show dancers

These pages show glimpses of the Pilgrimage as experienced by family members, Peter & Liz Lumsdon

The five-day series of events honouring the philanthropy of Sir Catchick Paul Chater brought a deeper knowledge of his life and works, insights into Armenian life and culture, the opportunity for family members to meet far-flung relatives and Sir Paul's many present-day beneficiaries, often for the first time, not to mention the start of many friendhips.

All in the glossy, up-market, in-your-face, over-crowded setting of today's Hong Kong, so different from the young colony where 18 year-old Catchick Paul Chater arrived in 1864, where he was soon to become such a powerful and wealthy developer and, later, such a generous benefactor.


* For more information about the Pilgrimage, visit Liz Chater's personal website

* For detailed information about the life of Sir Catchick Paul Chater, visit Liz Chater's genealogy website

* For photos of some of Peter Lumsdon's ancestors, descended from Sir Paul's sister Anna Jordan (nee Chater), who preceded him to Hong Kong, visit Peter's family history page


Intro | Church Service | Cemetery | Racecourse | Hong Kong sights |Hongkong Land | Dance show | Tour | Banquet | Lantau


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